About Us

Celebrating The Value Of People And Resources

However you connect with Rebuilding Exchange, you get to play a part in a totally engaging story of reuse, renewal, and opportunity.

For our retail customers: Our environmental mission to reuse building materials results in rare deals, rotating inventory, and constant surprises from donations, renovations, and historic materials locally sourced from Chicagoland. Learn More

For our workforce: We provide training in the building trades, skills development, and access to rewarding careers, including a proven pathway to well-paying union apprenticeships and a variety of other trades. Learn More

For our deconstruction customers: We recruit, train, and operate a professional and inclusive workforce specifically skilled to give your project an environmental advantage — keeping materials out of landfills and helping unclaimed items find new purpose at our stores. Learn More

For our employment partners: We support and maintain a pipeline to skilled workers, matching the constant needs of the building trades with a reliable, diverse, and motivated workforce.

For our friends and neighbors: We make it fun. Our Evanston and Chicago locations offer a complete calendar of DIY workshops and salvage-infused experiences designed to educate and inspire creativity, renewal, and community. Learn More

Our Mission

Rebuilding Exchange invests in our communities by reusing building materials, reducing construction waste, and training, supporting, and connecting people seeking careers in the building trades.

Our Vision

Building a community where people and resources are valued and celebrated.

Our Values

People First
We believe every person has the ability to succeed. By working together and sharing respect, we all find our greatest value.
Equity Driven
Everything we do is anchored in equity and fairness. It’s the only way to achieve our mission.
Sustainability Minded
We operate a cycle of reuse and renewal with a greater purpose in mind, making sure our actions align with the long-term benefit of our people, community, and the environment.
Always Learning
It’s an ever-changing world, and we remain committed to learning, growing, and innovating.
Life is simply better in a workplace devoted to creativity, generosity, and fun.

Our Impact

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