Rebuilding Exchange is thrilled to partner with Northwestern University to ensure that the Rebuild Ryan Field Project meets its ambitious hiring goals, create a model of how construction projects in Evanston can move more people out of poverty into living wage careers; and promote greater racial and gender diversity in the building trades workforce. 

We believe in creating a system through which hiring diverse candidates from our community is the norm, and that local residents are skilled and competitive to be hired on any construction project in this community. This includes:

  • More Evanston residents, especially low-income individuals, rising out of poverty through a career in the building trades;
  • More Evanston residents, living and working in Evanston on Northwestern University construction projects, which will result in a stronger economy as goods and services are purchased locally;
  • Engaged building trades employers who prioritize and meet local hiring standards;
  • A stronger, positive relationship between Northwestern University and Evanston community members, for a sustainable community that benefits all of us.