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Combining years of expertise, an inclusive and motivated workforce, and an environmental mission, Rebuilding Exchange offers a unique win/win option for your remodeling or renovation project.


What’s the difference between deconstruction and demolition?

Simply put, it’s the chance for renewal. Our nonprofit operates a dedicated business specializing in everything from soft stripping kitchens to full-home deconstruction, diverting 1,500 tons of usable materials from landfills every year to be rediscovered and reused at our Chicagoland retail stores.

Additionally, deconstruction reduces the need for extraction of raw materials for new construction, conserves the energy and natural resources used in the manufacturing of new building materials, prevents environmental pollution, and increases the longevity of landfills.

Our workforce makes a difference, too.

Deconstruction is also a job creator. Instead of hiring a bulldozer, you’re employing our workforce training crew, providing hands-on experience and fostering job skills for people seeking new pathways to employment.

They treat your renovation with extreme care, knowing your no-longer-needed materials will be getting a second life at our nonprofit stores.

In addition to the large reduction in disposal costs, everything removed from your house and donated to Rebuilding Exchange, a qualified 501(c)3 charity, can be claimed on your taxes as a donation at fair market value.

Deconstruction Kitchen
"I chose Rebuilding Exchange's deconstruction services to reduce waste, because I love how they introduce people into the trades by teaching deconstruction, and to show a little honor to the home as I was selling it. It was a no-brainer for me since I was selling to a developer who was knocking it down to build condos anyway — in fact, I got permission to deconstruct written into our sales contract. When I crunched the numbers to see what I would save in tax deductions, that was icing on the cake."
Cat de Merode
Deconstruction Customer

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