Sustainable Employment

Rebuilding Exchange believes that in order to realize a sustainable, local economy, we must provide living wage jobs to Chicago residents, working to foster more sustainable industries.

To meet the changing educational and training needs of the urban workforce and connect them with the employment opportunities of the future, Rebuilding Exchange offers dynamic training programs that incorporate sustainability into the core curriculum.

The Rebuilding Exchange job training program provides job training opportunities to people with barriers to employment in the fields of deconstruction, materials management, retail warehousing, and carpentry.

We partner with Cara, BlueEarth Deconstruction, OAI, and others to deliver hands-on training programs that prepare program participants well for re-entry into the workforce.

WorkForce News

Nigeria Keeps Moving Up!

Another RX Graduate Success Story

UPDATE: Nigeria is now fulfilling her dream of working for the CTA. Congrats Nigeria!! Nigeria started off as a job trainee from Cara and was hired as a Retail Associate. Once Nigeria puts her mind to something it’s considered done and she was recently promoted to Donations Coordinator. Thanks to Auxiliary board member, Peter Gray, for the video. [embed][/embed]

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Congratulations to our amazing trainees Greg, Nigeria, James, and Keith from The Cara Program for 100% graduation this cohort!


Congratulations to our amazing trainees Greg, Nigeria, James, and Keith from Cara for 100% graduation this cohort! You guys persevered against impossible odds to do a great job at work and emerged with experience, references, forklift training from Jane Addams Resource Corporation, and green economy skills. Congrats to Nigeria as our new Retail Associate and Greg for his new position with our amazing neighbor and customer Rose’s resale shop A World...

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