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Deconstruction is carefully taking apart building components like cabinets, appliances, doors, and lumber for reuse, recycling, and waste reduction. It is more environmentally friendly than demolition, where heavy machinery crushes these reusable materials and hauls them off to a landfill. Our process allows us to divert about 85% of materials from landfills in each project, and reduce the harmful particulate pollution created by demolition and transportation, including lead dust, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide, and carbon monoxide.

Your deconstruction project is overseen by our licensed contractor, site supervisor, and project management team. From site inspection, to project estimate, to architectural integrity, you’ll know what to expect and why you can feel good about it.

While every renovation, remodel, or teardown is different, Rebuilding Exchange provides you with a safe and efficient removal option. Your estimate includes free transportation of any salvageable building material that you would like to donate to our retail stores. 100% of your material donation is tax-deductible, with all proceeds going back to supporting our nonprofit environmental and social mission.

Many deconstruction projects can be completed in just a day.
We are the only nonprofit providing deconstruction services in our area. When you hire Rebuilding Exchange, you join our mission to build a more sustainable community.

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