A reputation for results

There’s a story behind our stores. See how Rebuilding Exchange makes a real-world difference for our people and communities.

Retail Stores and Deconstruction Services

Our retail stores and deconstruction services keep millions of pounds of reusable materials out of landfills.

In just one year, that could be saving:

Other environmental benefits includes
Reduces greenhouse

Reduces greenhouse gas emissions but not putting materials in landfills.

Saves Trees

Saves trees, water and the energy that comes from creating new materials.

Lessens pollution

Decreases air and water pollution from the manufacturing and transportation of new goods. Deconstruction emits fewer particulate pollution vs demolition that crushes materials.

Our two stores sell affordable building materials to 10,000 members of our community each year.

Education + Outreach Programs

We build home repair skills and provide creative activities that repurpose reclaimed materials. Our education and outreach programs help participants strengthen their ability to repair and reuse, keep stuff out of landfills, and have a whole lot of fun!

Workforce Training Programs

Our workforce training programs provide transitional employment and pre-apprenticeship opportunities to support people on a path to a successful building trades career.

In the last year…

We are on track to serve 80 participants this year, a more than 200% increase than in the past. Much of this is thanks to our new pre-apprenticeship program, generously supported by the Illinois Works Pre-Apprenticeship Program.