Private Events

It’s a fact: Rebuilding Exchange retail warehouses are really cool places to host your private event. Whether you want to make it a hands-on experience, or just enjoy the space, we’re here to accommodate.

Remember, your rental helps make our nonprofit mission possible.

Private Group Workshops

Group classes are a great way to share fun and new skills among friends or coworkers. Participants get to collaborate, problem-solve, and explore creativity while gaining practical know-how and, depending on the class, a pretty cool project to take home.

Rebuilding Exchange offers group workshops for up to 8 people in Evanston and 12 people in Chicago. We work with you to design a project and experience that fits your needs. Both locations offer conference room spaces so you can combine your team-building workshop with a meal or a meeting.

Cost: $600 for up to 8 people


Private Custom Workshop

Cost: $850 for up to 8 people

Fee includes:

A non-refundable 25% deposit is required to secure an instruction date.
Rebuilding Exchange is able to accommodate larger custom group events. Please contact with your needs

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Private Instruction (1-3 participants)

Do you have a specific project in mind but aren’t sure how to complete it? Or a tool in the garage you want to learn how to use safely? The Rebuilding Exchange offers private instruction for 1-3 people with our skilled woodworking and home improvement educators. Learn what you want to know at a time that fits your schedule.

Cost: Starts at $100/hour, minimum 3 hours

Additional Costs:
*A non-refundable 25% deposit is required to secure an instruction date.
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