Workshop Instructor Bios

Caleb kirby-Meyer

Hi, my name is Caleb and I am an Instructor at the Rebuilding Exchange. I am passionate about learning new things and participating in others doing the same! I have been fortunate enough to have had people in my life that were willing to be patient with me while I learned, and I want to be that person for someone else. I consider myself a lifelong learner and am always wanting to expand my skill set (welding is on my bucket list at the moment). Most things I make are out of wood, but I also make things out of leather. My wife, Taylor, is also a maker and enjoys many media including painting and collaging. We both exercise and find respite from our work through rock climbing. Our favorite place to climb is the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. Two more fun facts about me: I make my own homemade cider, and I love listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

Fick Patterson

Recently graduated from SAIC, Fick is a woodworker interested in game and world building.  Focused on performance and process, Fick looks for tactile pleasure in physical labor. With their work, Fick likes to re-contextualize and play forward delusions, using structure to blend these delusions into more solid objects. Fick specialize in wood bending and carving, largely in a furniture context. 

Mike toMB

I am Michael Tomb, a proud father, husband, and Evanston resident. Woodworking has been a lifelong passion and hobby. I find building with upcycled materials creates guide rails that enhances the creative process. My favorite builds have all been inspired by something “old.” I am excited to apply that passion while instructing reuse workshops. 

Sergio castro

Sergio started as the second volunteer at RX, and became an instructor in 2011. He has original designs as part of the workshops curriculum. He has a great interest in modern design using reclaimed materials. He is also a producer of a jazz performance called Live on Logan. It started as a cause to help out of work musicians during the COVID pandemic.


Sheldon has a B.A. in studio art from Wheaton College (2015), and has worked as the studio associate and gallery manager in the Wheaton College art department from 2019 to 2023, where he managed the woodshop. He also runs a side business building custom frames for artwork as well as gallery exhibition fittings and custom painting supports (he loves to talk about and problem-solve art framing). He will be pursuing an MFA in studio art from UIC from 2023 to 2025. He is a former professional landscaper and loves gardening, plants, and learning about prairie restoration. He is also a self-taught book-binder and his wife and him have self-published a few dozen zines, comics, and artist books.

Dan skisak

Dan started volunteering in Spring of 2018 after he took an open shop. He enjoys making furniture and making things that help organize the home. His favorite finish is water based matte polyurethane, as it shows off the wood in its natural state.

Brendan twadell

Brendan is a lifelong woodworker with a sculptural interest in furniture building. While his degree is in environmental science and he worked as an urban farmer after graduating, he now builds furniture professionally for Troscan Design.